Tangibilizing Digital Privacy

Intuitive, interactive device that leverages tactile engagements to empower users with better control and understanding of their digital privacy levels

Cambridge Helcules Design Challenge 2022
TangiPriv, an innovative solution to digital privacy concerns, serves as a digital privacy protection assistant and password generator.

As the digital world expands and privacy becomes paramount, the device simplifies digital privacy through tangible, visual representations, fostering better understanding and management. It distinguishes digital data based on sensitivity, requiring tailored levels of confirmation for actions with differing risk levels.

Users interact with the device through a tactile wheel, selecting desired privacy areas like financial information, house and car keys, location, health, contact info, and more, displayed on an intuitive screen. Uniquely, TangiPriv employs a tactile rod-based confirmation system, generating a pattern relative to the risk of the chosen privacy area. This unique approach enhances user awareness of their digital interactions, instilling greater transparency, control, and security in our digital era.