New Fruit: Personal Mask Sterilizer

3D-printed, open-source mask sterilizer, using ultraviolet light to decontaminate masks and alleviate the COVID-19 mask shortage.

K-Design Award - Winner
Issued by DESIGNSORI, 2020

Spark Design Awards - Silver
Issued by Spark Design Awards, 2020 

Monthly Design magazine (Designhouse Seoul), May 2020, "Youth after 199X"

New Fruit is an open-source mask sterilizer crafted through 3D printing, designed to combat mask shortages during the COVID-19 crisis by enabling safe mask reuse.

It uses ultraviolet light to clean masks, reducing the ATP count to less than 20 RLU within a minute, thus indicating a bacteria-free surface. Inspired by the challenge of mask scarcity, New Fruit's design houses an ultraviolet lamp and stabilizer within a snake-like casing, a nod to The Little Prince.

This accessible solution, available to anyone, paves the way for personal mask sterilization, contributing to a sustainable response to rapidly growing mask demand amid the pandemic.