Being a Giraffe:
Redefining Zoo Experiences Through Immersive VR Encounters

An Innovative Journey into the World of Giraffes, Fostering Empathy and Understanding

2022 AcrossRCA Project from
Royal College of Art

2023 Solo-X project from Imperial College London / Royal College of Art

Being a Giraffe redefines zoo experiences through immersive VR encounters, fostering empathy and understanding. By stepping into the hooves of a giraffe, visitors gain a deeper understanding of their lives and the challenges they face. The project advocates for animal rights, raises awareness about captive environments, and inspires compassion.

Through innovative VR technology, Being a Giraffe offers educational insights into giraffe behavior, ecology, and conservation challenges. Join us on this transformative journey to reshape the way we engage with animals, promote wildlife conservation, and create a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.