From Bees For Bees

A digitally-gleaned, beeswax beehive designed for sustainable bee protection and research


2022 Renovators Shortlist Award from OPPO

20.09.22-25.09.22 20th London Design Festival
OPPO Renovators 2022-Emerging Artists Project, Cromwell Place Lavery Studio, London

08.10.21-10.10.21 Design Korea 2021-Korea+Sweden Young Design Award, Seoul 

"From Bees For Bees" is a speculative design project that combines natural and digital techniques to create a protective, research-oriented beehive. This stone-shaped beehive, constructed using a two-layer structure, leverages beeswax for the inner honeycomb and translucent resin for the outer shield.

The design is inspired by the instinctive behaviors of East Asian honeybees, with the form of the beehive mirroring that of stones, a common nesting location for these bees. This was achieved through "digital gleaning" – scanning, modifying, and 3D printing natural stone structures to create a bee-friendly design.

Key to this project is the use of beeswax, a sustainable byproduct of the honeybee life cycle, in constructing the honeycomb, emphasizing the "from bees to bees" principle. Furthermore, the outer resin shield not only offers protection but also allows for observational research into bees' construction processes.