Art-Nouveau Reimagined

A blend of computational engineering and 3D modeling software, enabling a reinterpretation of Art Nouveau's aesthetic characteristics in a customizable chair design.

London International Creative Competition - Shortlist
Issued by Farmani Group, 2020

SIT Furniture Design Award - Honorable Mention
Issued by 3C Awards, 2020
Art-Nouveau Reimagined is an innovative project that harnesses 3D modeling software and computational engineering to create a customizable chair embodying the distinct aesthetics of Art Nouveau.

It overcomes the challenge of reproducing the style's unique features by minimizing production failure through engineering simulation and enabling custom design based on user's weight.
Using 'Poly-nurbs' based computational design for manufacturing, the project categorized Art Nouveau's formative features as 'Fluid', 'Intersecting', and 'Asymmetry', further enhancing them according to user-specific load.

The project stands as a significant advancement in the fusion of art, design, and technology, offering a fresh take on a classic aesthetic.